What is The Center for Community Leadership at JCRC-NY? 

The Center for Community Leadership at JCRC-NY empowers the communal leadership of NY's diverse communities, incubates initiatives to create leadership networks for solving common problems, and informs and trains youth and professionals about the complex needs of the New Diversity. The Center for Community Leadership at JCRC-NY improves relationships in communities between the long-time and new residents and identifies, mentors, and teaches emerging leaders in New York City communities. 

How Do We Build Bridges and Coalitions with Other Communities?

The Center for Community Leadership at JCRC-NY functions throughout the metropolitan area at the local community level encouraging and implementing programs that create coalitions with other ethnic and religious communities to solve issues that are of common concern. These coalitions aim to bring together communities and promote understanding to ensure culturally competent solutions to problems. We have initiated local community coalitions focusing on health services and special needs of the aging, émigrés, and youth. These working partnerships in turn foster better communication, mutual respect and help unify diverse communities to ensure a better New York for all.

How do I get involved in one of your programs? 

Feel free to contact the Program Director or Coordinator for any of our programs: